Getting accepted into an art school is not easy.
But what is it like to graduate?

Every year approximately 150 students graduate from Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Sweden. This is a period filled with lust, creativity, anxiety, joy, despair and a lot of work to finish in time for the degree show. The many possibilities at the school place great demands on its students.

During the spring semester of 2011, Karin Ahlin followed Saran from Thailand, Ulrika from Sweden and Ernesto from Mexico in their last and most important creative process at the school: The Master exhibition.

The documentary Keep on Burning allows us to follow their concerns, thoughts and struggles: from their initial ideas to completed exhibition and their personal reflections on life after school.

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The film provides insight into the process of creation and all that it entails: from the pressure that the student constantly lives under, to the highs and lows of the creative process.

It is incredibly difficult to get accepted to Konstfack, but the film Keep on Burning shows what may sometimes be even more difficult: getting out.